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  • LARIX 2007 : International Symposium of the IUFRO Working Group S2.02.07
  • 2007 Annual Meeting of the Poplar Council of Canada

About Tree Genomics

  • Canada Research Chair in Forest and Environmental Genomics
  • Treenomix: Forest Genomics at the University of British Columbia, Canada
  • A list of forest tree genome website
  • JGI Populus genome project, USA
  • Poplar DB, a Poplar Functional Genomics Database, France
  • Populus DB at Umea Plant Genetic Center, Sweden
  • Genomics of Wood Formation in Loblolly Pine, USA
  • Lignome, The French Genomics Initiative for Long-Lived Species, France
  • Transcriptome Responses to Environmental Conditions in Loblolly Pine, USA
  • Forest Genetics at METLA

Useful links

  • Centre de bio-informatique et de biologie computationnelle de l'Université Laval
  • Links to Bioinformatic Resources
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • The Arabidopsis Information Resources

International Links

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

IURFO: a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists that promotes international cooperation in forestry and forest products research.

  • IUFRO Unit 2.04.06: Molecular biology of forest trees
  • IUFRO Unit 2.04.10: Genomics
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO): FAO, forests and forestry